About Sifu Siukee Wan

Siukee-WanSiukee Wan has over 20 years of teaching experience and is one of the next generation of leading pioneers in the development of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Inspired by the late iconic Bruce Lee from a very young age, Siukee sought to learn Wing Chun, the main style of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee had trained in Hong Kong.

After many years of studying different styles of Shaolin Kung Fu from all around the world, Siukee has refined and pieced together a comprehensive Wing Chun system that meets the need of today’s modern student.

Shaolin Ancestors Wing Chun

By incorporating the best of traditional Shaolin knowledge, technology and wisdom into the modern system of Wing Chun, Siukee has created a system of Kung Fu that presents a harmonious balance between Body and Mind.

Shaolin Ancestors Wing Chun utilises Soft Internal Power to deliver a system of Self-Defence that is both practical and effective. Movements are soft and free flowing in nature yet extremely powerful, making this one the most practical and effective self defence system in the world today.

Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao – The Internal Path
By Siukee Wan

For the first time, Siukee Wan unlocks the secrets to one of Kung Fu’s most enigmatic form, the Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao. For over three centuries, this information has remained hidden until now!