Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao – The Internal Path

By Siukee Wan

For the first time, Siukee Wan unlocks the secrets to one of Kung Fu’s most enigmatic form, the Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao. For over three centuries, this information has remained hidden until now !

Revealed in this book are the crucial elements to understanding how the tools of Wing Chun work in this system. The Author explains and explores Wing Chun as an Internal system and reveals a depth of insight that has never been seen before.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner in Wing Chun this information will revolutionise the way you train.



“Having been involved in the martial arts for 3 decades and in particular, the wing Chun system for 20 years, it’s difficult to find good information that isn’t just a rehashed version of what’s already out there. That’s why I like Siukee Wan’s interesting take on the first form, Siu Lim Tao. His book is very well written and has something to offer everyone interested in this particular style of Kung fu. I have since travelled to meet the author and have found him to be an honest and skilled practitioner of the arts. I recommend his book to all wing Chun enthusiasts, regardless of lineage.”
Sifu Vik Hothi
IMAS Wing Chun

“The first thing to catch my eye about this book is the cover design. The hand drawings by Justin Michel look really cool and the choice of colour makes it seem as though you are holding and old parchment containing secret knowledge in your hand!
The writing style is refreshing and it is like Siukee is talking directly to you. Although there’s only 161 pages this book has 23 chapters. 8 through to 21 are broken down into smaller (2 to 6) sections. This makes it easy to keep track of the information, which is presented in small bite sized pieces.
The information is sound and well researched. The inner workings of Wing Chun are described in a clear and easy to understand manner. Internal training methods are discussed and compared to external methods. I suspect that, with the guidance of a good Sifu, it wouldn’t be too difficult to put the ideas shared in this book into practice.
This book is very good value for money and it’s a handy size to carry around or slip into your bag.

Why do I like it?
Because of the theoretical and practical information, original ideas, Chinese calligraphy and art work.
Would I recommend it?
Yes, very much so.
Who would I recommend it to?
Beginners who have prior experience in martial arts through to advanced students of all styles.
Rating: Borrow, Buy, Beg or Steal?
BORROW = Ok. Worth reading but not buying.
BUY = Good. Worth paying for.
BEG = Great. Must have in your collection.
STEAL = Super. Do whatever you can to acquire.
The Ambassador’s Choice is…….
[*disclaimer* do not steal as that is against the law!] lol!
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Sifu Jeff Sutherland

“Siukee Wan is the most knowledgeable martial artist I have a pleasure of training under the past 15 years. I was fortunately got to know Siukee back when I was a Wing Chun instructor years ago. He was the only instructor who showed me the real energetics, which in my opinion is the foundation of all Kung Fu systems. I’m glad to know him as a friend and instructor. This book is original and ground breaking with Siukee sharing his approach in a clear and easy to understand fashion. It is an essential read for anyone looking into Wing Chun as an Internal art, a priceless addition to anyone’s Wing Chun library.”
Sifu Bruce Cat 
Shaolin Weng Chun Kungfu U.K.

“Having the benefit of attending a recent seminar given by Siukee, his book really supports his own research and developments within his Wing Chun training. It isn’t regular to have a Wing Chun book that attempts to connect it’s most famous form to an ‘internal path’, and this subject is becoming a bit of a modern era phenomenon. Siukee presents his work in a very clear and easy to understand way, with well thought out photos and descriptions. Personally having an internal connection to SLT is not a strange idea to me, but there were quite a few things in this book that I thought were an eye opener. To see precise instruction on how to hold your hand shapes and express an idea that physically flows reminded me of my own seed and weaponry practice. It was clear to me both from meeting Siukee and reading his book that here was a very passionate and giving man. Even if you have done Wing Chun for a time you might find some useful thoughts in this book, and if you’re new to Wing Chun prepare to have a very good introduction to the systems core, with a no nonsense approach to describing the indescribable.
Sifu Spencer Devine
The Yum Yeurng Academy

“Sifu Siukee Wan does an excellent job of getting his ideas across. I will use this book as a  reference, and highly recommend it to all Wing Chun practitioners, as it will open your mind to new ideas you may not otherwise known”
Lafayette Harris
Wing Chun Illustrated (Issue no. 31, 2016)                                                                        

Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao – The Internal Path
By Siukee Wan

For the first time, Siukee Wan unlocks the secrets to one of Kung Fu’s most enigmatic form, the Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao. For over three centuries, this information has remained hidden until now!