Shaolin Ancestors Features

With so many good reasons to train Shaolin Ancestors Kung Fu come along for your free no obligatory lesson (or simply come down to watch) and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Learning a practical and effective Self-Defence System
  • Boosting Self Confidence
  • Discovering and unlocking your body’s Natural Power
  • Developing better Focus & Concentration
  • Improving our Flexibility and Physical Balance
  • Learning how to balance Body & Mind
  • Mastering control over our body’s Internal Qi to increase physical power
  • Improving one’s Hand-Eye and Body Coordination
  • Learning how to release Stress through the various Internal drills and exercises
  • Improving our Reaction Speeds and Reflexes
  • Improving Fitness without any harsh drills or exercises
  • Having Fun by training and meeting like-minded people in a cordial atmosphere

Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao – The Internal Path
By Siukee Wan

For the first time, Siukee Wan unlocks the secrets to one of Kung Fu’s most enigmatic form, the Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao. For over three centuries, this information has remained hidden until now!