Diagnosis With Precise

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Welcome to Shaolin Ancestors Wing Chun Kung Fu Self Defence School. We offer weekly self-defence classes in the heart of Surrey in Guildford and Woking.

We are one of the leading martial arts schools in the U.K that specialises in teaching Wing Chun as an Internal art. This is a form of Chinese martial arts was made famous by the late, iconic Bruce Lee and is the most widely practiced Chinese Martial Arts system in the world.

The system of Wing Chun is unique; it takes a scientific approach to its self-defence – its main feature being that it was designed to enable a weaker opponent to defeat a stronger one. It is also one of the few Kung Fu systems that employs ‘Chi Sau – Sticking Hands’, a method of sensitivity training that is specifically designed to subdue an opponent once contact has been established.

Our school was established in 1996 and our style and method of teaching is always centred on the personal development of each student. There are no commercial gradings, tangible progress is measured by real physical skills that are developed and tested regularly in our classes. We do not engage in any drills or exercises that are harsh or damaging to our bodies. The soft flowing nature of this system lends itself to be a flexible martial arts that is timeless and can be used effectively for self-defence, recreation and health. Classes are friendly and informal, and students are allowed to train and progress at their own pace.

This Self Defence system is suitable for adults (13yrs+) of any age or fitness levels. Have fun training with other like-minded students in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment.

Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao – The Internal Path
By Siukee Wan

For the first time, Siukee Wan unlocks the secrets to one of Kung Fu’s most enigmatic form, the Wing Chun Sil Nim Tao. For over three centuries, this information has remained hidden until now!